Music for Precious Moments

Time is our most precious possession. For one simple reason: Once it passes, you cannot get it back… We have a limited amount of it and will inevitably run out. Like the grains of sand slipping away in an hourglass, time can only be lost but never regained.

You can always work more hours to earn more money, but there is nothing you can do to earn more time. You can save money in a bank. You can hide gold in a treasure box. But you cannot do anything to save time. You have no choice but to spend every moment of it. And every moment that is spent is a moment that is gone forever! That’s why it is more precious than money!

Yet, it’s weird that most of us are willing to spend our time in making more money, but are reluctant to spend our money to enjoy our time. We look for the best bargains and think twice before spending our money ‘wisely’, but often fail to do the same with time. ‘Wasting’ a couple of hours is not as bad as losing a couple of hundred dollars from our wallet, even though in reality, time is far more precious than money.

Money is only good if you spend it to make your time more memorable! Buying nice experiences, such as a fancy dinner with your loved one, or a nice movie, a great concert, a relaxing Spa treatment, or a special vacation is far better than buying material stuff, like a new phone or gadget. That’s because you will eventually get bored with a new phone or gadget, but great personal experiences remain within your memory forever. Remember the hourglass, the grains of sand represent your dear memories that make up your life’s story.

Life is not the number of days you live, but the number of days you remember!

Now, one of the great ways to create special memorable moments is to infuse them with great music. Music can enliven boring times, can evoke nice warm feelings, and provoke nostalgic memories that will make you smile. Music can create memorable moments in life. And that’s why I compose piano music for the imagination, music for nostalgic feelings, music for special moments, and music to relax and chill-out. For more info, click here to listen to my latest piano album, ‘Frozen in Time’

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