WHO We Are

Hi there! This is Jean Paul Zoghbi, the artist behind Lazy Vibes for Lo-Fi Beats,Chillhop, Jazzhop. 

I am also the artist for Project Kronos, Hikari, Sleepy Vibes, Sublime Serenity, and Apollo Productions.

Inspired by popular anime soundtracks such as Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke), Naruto, Minecraft, movie soundtracks, etc. as well as my original compositions.

If you are a fan of ChilledCow’s favorites channel, or artists such as Kudasaibeats, Luv.Ly, Jinsang, potsu, aekasora, Syndrome Delayde, Rook1e, Tomppabeats, Sleepy Fish, or Kupla then Lazy Vibes music is a must for your playlist.

Check out This is Lazy Vibes’ Music playlist, or Lazy Moonlight Vibes & Lo-Fi Beats Chillhop playlist.

Lazy Vibes Music also caters for relaxing piano music under Project Kronos, Meditation/ Fantasy music under Elysium Fields, Piano & nature music under Sublime Serenity

For promotions please drop me an email to lazyvibes@lazyvibesmusic.com or follow me on social media below and drop me a DM.


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